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Charcot shower

Sharko shower at the Fantasy hotelCharcot shower is a classic and surprisingly effective water procedure both for prevention and treatment. This shower was invented by the French neurologist-psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot and was used in medical institutions to boost the immune system and restore blood circulation. Nowadays, Charcot shower has proven itself in the field of aesthetic cosmetology and medicine as an excellent method in the fight against excess weight, cellulite, sagging skin and loose muscles. It is also an indispensable antidepressant, which can increase your energy and vitality, get you back into a good mood and bring back a positive outlook on life even if you are the most inveterate pessimist.

Indications: cellulite, excess weight, local fat deposits, sagging skin (flaccidity) and low muscle tone as well as muscle tension and pain, the symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression and toxin accumulation. Charcot shower is also recommended as an immunostimulatory agent to improve overall health and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system.