Акции в отеле Фантазия
Акции в отеле Фантазия
Акции в отеле Фантазия



The hotel and recreation complex "Fantasia" is a unique place both for vacation and improving health because of the healing water "Polyana Kvasova".

It is one of the most precious mineral waters of Ukraine and throughout the world. It has its rise in the mountains of Transcarpathia at the depth of 150 meters. A water well is 500 meters away from the hotel "Fantasia". The lobby of our complex is equipped with a mineral water pump room, which is available for all our guests.

For more than 500 years the locals have daily used the water "Polyana Kvasova". Its healing properties of water were investigated in 1911 by Hungarian pharmacist N. Moliar. In 40-s of the 19th century Svalyavshchina region started a technical extraction of water delivering it to the pharmacies of Vienna, Paris and Budapest for sale.

In 1965 near a water well was opened the resort “Solnechnoye Zakarpatie”, which became popular throughout the former Soviet Union as well as outside the country. The water "Polyana Kvasova" helps in treating gastrointestinal and pancreas diseases, peptic ulcers as well as gastroenterological, urinary and metabolic disorders (diabetes and gout). It is also recommended for dealing with cardiovascular diseases as well as those of the central autonomic nervous system.

In addition, mineral rich water "Polyana Kvasova" is wildly used in modern cosmetology. It plays an important role in the health and appearance of your skin as well as the whole body. The hotel and recreation complex "Fantasia" contains a SPA center, providing you with a full range of beauty and health treatments.

The chemical composition of water gm/dm3:

  • The sodium-potassium / Na ++ K + / 1500-300
  • lcium / Ca2 + / 70-150
  • Magnesium / Mg2 + / <50
  • Chlorides / CL- / 300-600
  • Sulfates / SO42- / <25
  • Bicarbonates / NCO3- / 4500-8000
  • Specific components / H3BO3 / 100-250
  • Total mineralization, gm/dm3 6,5-12,00

The main therapeutic properties

Mineral water "Polyana Kvasova" helps in reducing access stomach acid. The peeling effect is just the same as from taking baking soda (1% solution), yet drinking water results in keeping ph of your stomach neutral much longer than when you take soda solution. Drinking this water improves digestion, relieves heartburn, stomach heaviness and bloating. In addition, water maintains acid-alkaline balance, which plays an important role in dealing with metabolic acidosis in the case of diabetes and obesity. Drinking water "Polyana Kvasova" helps in dissolving and removing gastric mucus as well as that of respiratory and urinary systems. Water improves metabolism in patients, and with orthoboric acid it gets bactericidal properties.


The main diseases that are treated with "Polyana Kvasova"

Water "Polyana Kvasova" most successfully helps in treating patients having high levels of gastric acid, reflux esophagitis, attendant changes in the form of cholestasis as well as chronic pancreatitis, hepatosis, hepatitis and diabetes. It can also be used for relieving drug side effects.

Gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Gut: diarrhea or constipation.

Liver: chronic viral hepatitis, and toxic and drug-induced liver injury, fatty degeneration of the stomach.

Endocrine system: diabetes, obesity, impaired salt exchange.

Urogenital system: chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urolithiasis.

Water can also help in treating patients having gall bladder problems, chronic cholecystitis and pancreatitis, pancreas as well as biliary dyskinesia diseases, and the symptoms of gallstones.

You can undergo a full course of treatment making yourself at home in the cozy hotel and recreation complex "Fantasia". When staying here you will be able to improve your health, receive good impressions, positive emotions and memorable recollections as well as a reason for coming back again!

The hotel "Fantasia" is the right place both for vacation and restoring your health and beauty.