Акции в отеле Фантазия
Акции в отеле Фантазия
Акции в отеле Фантазия



The spa hotel "Fantasia" is an ideal place where you can escape from daily routine, relax and gain pleasing holiday moments.
Taking both summer and winter vacations will fill you with positive emotions and give you a charge of energy for the whole year. If you want to stay away from urban life, the spa hotel "Fantasia" is exactly what you need.

Winter vacation

The beauty of Carpathian nature draws thousands of tourists to come here annually for a winter holiday. It is really amazing to spend your holiday in Transcarpathia because of its huge ski area along with all of the modern comforts available for you.

Winter visitors get the opportunity to take a descent down runs of European importance, where the world championships in alpine skiing have been repeatedly held. Transcarpathian ski runs are available both for beginners and professional skiers. The unique microclimate environment keeps snow from melting until mid-spring which allows tourists to enjoy their favorite sport.

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"Bear Mountain" ski resort

It is located 2 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia". 
Bear Mountain ski resort is suitable both for adults and children. Skiing area provides a ski school, ski and snowmobile rental, highly-trained instructors as well as a restaurant, two ski runs and one ski lift.

  • Length of slopes equals to 600 and 800 meters;
  • type of ski lift: rope tow;
  • height difference: 40 meters;
  • Operating times: 09:00 am till the end of the day.

"Podobovets" ski resort

"Podobovets" ski resortIt’s located 45 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia".
"Podobovets" ski resort is located in the picturesque mountain village on the border of the Volovets district, at the foot of mount Velikiy Verh in the valley of Borzhava at an altitude of 950 m above sea level. It is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in Ukraine. There are several trails which reach 2500m in length.

The upper part of the slopes is suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders. If you are a beginner, you should get started skiing the easier trails down the mountain.
For those who are just learning there is a specific trail which is 400m in length.

3 ski lifts:

  • rope tow "MED-REST" – 1230 m;
  • rope tow "Podobovets-2000" – 1250m
  • rope tow "V Hohla" – 400m.

Operating times: 09:00 am till the end of the day.

"Pilipets" ski resort

"Pilipets" ski resortIt’s located 50 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia".
"Pilipets" ski resort is located in one of the largest villages of Mezhgor’ye on the banks of a mountain river at the height of 700 to 750 m. It is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery. "Pilipets" has the longest 4000-metre descent in Ukraine. The winter snow lies unmelted from December to April. "Pilipets" is where tourists start their tour route to see the picturesque Shipot falls.


  • A large number of trails are concentrated on mount Guimba, their total length is more than 20,000 m, the longest of them is 6000 m.
  • There are 4 trails on mount Zhid Magura, the longest trail is 1500 m.

There are trails of different levels of difficulty. The trails vary from 400 to 4000 meters in length. Many professionals practice off-trail skiing.

7 ski lifts:

  • rope tow – 1100 m
  • rope tow – 900 m
  • rope tow – 400 m
  • rope tow – 500 m
  • Double chairlift is located in the centre of the resort – 1650 m.
  • rope tow – 1560 m
  • rope tow – 800 m

Operating times: 09.00 am till the end of the day.

"Izki" ski eco-resort

"Izki" ski eco-resortIt’s located 55 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia".
This ski resort is located in a spectacular mountain landscape, in the valley of the Repinka river, at the foot of mount Magura, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level. The runs here are graded as having the easiest ("green circle") and intermediate ("blue square") levels of difficulty according to the rating of trails. So the routes will be suitable both for beginners and experienced skiers. The slopes of mount Magura are equipped with 5 trails and suitable both for highly-trained skiers and beginners ("green circle" and "blue square").
The length of trails ranges from 1000 to 3000 m, their width equals up to 350 m. height difference: 250 m

Ski lifts:

  • Double chairlift – 1000 m, the overall lift capacity –1200 skiers per hour
  • rope tow – 900 m, the overall lift capacity – 800 skiers per hour. 
  • There are snow cats for grooming the ski trails. 

Operating times: 09.00 am till the end of the day.

"Plai" ski resort

"Plai" ski resortIt’s located 60 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia". 
The complex is situated at the foot of the Plai mountain range, directly in-between Uzhgorod and Lviv, near the village of Plavye, 300 metres from the highway Kyiv-Chop. The resort is actively developed. It will differ from other resorts of the area by its integral infrastructure and modern facilities. In addition, a large museum complex is under construction. A new indoor sports complex is expected to be opened shortly.

6 main trails with a length of 1200 m

  • a 350 m slope of the skiing school
  • a 350 m ski trail for kids

height difference: 260 m

3 ski lifts:

  • 2 four-chair lifts (“Doppelmayer”) with a length of 1000 m each.

The lower cable car station is at the height of 792 m, the upper cable car station is at the height of 1060 m.

  • rope tow with a length of 350 m
  • multi ski lift – 350 m
  • ski lift for kids –350 m

Operating times: 09.00 am till 17:00 pm

"Zahar Berkut" ski resort

"Zahar Berkut" ski resortIt’s located 65 km from the spa hotel "Fantasia".
It’s located in the small mountain village of Volosyanka, 8 km from the popular Slavskoye ski resort at the foot of mount Zvorets, which is a part of Vusokiy Verh mountain range. It has been functioning since 2005 and has slopes of varying levels of difficulty. Since Zahar Berkut ski resort has continued progressing every year, Volosyanka has every chance to become one of the most popular and modern vacation destinations.

There are 9 trails of different level of difficulty, height difference: 552 m.The ski area consists of ski fields which are located on the northern, north-western and south-western slopes of Mount Svorets (1223 m) as well as on the north-eastern slope of mount Vusokiy Verh (1244 m). It also includes small ski runs which are adjacent to the territory of the complex or located on its territory.

  • Double chairlift (made in Estonia) – 2800 m, the transfer station is at an altitude of 1075 m;
  • rope tow 1 – 700 m
  • rope tow 2 – 750 m
  • rope tow 3 – 800 m
  • multi ski lift – 250 m

Rope tows No.1 and No. 2 continue each other.
Rope tow No. 3 – its lower station is level with the transfer station where passengers can embark upon a chairlift (1075 m).

Operating times: 09.00 am - 16:30 pm on weekdays.

Summer vacation:

Summer holidays are an ideal time to enjoy leisure activities combined with the quiet of the majestic mountain scenes.
Going on a trip to Transcarpathia means the least expensive prices and friendly staff members able to communicate in our national languages as opposed to spending your holiday in a foreign resort. Besides, going to Transcarpathia for a holiday does not require any visas and passports.

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During your summer holiday in the spa resort "Fantasia” you will enjoy unspoiled nature, clear mountain rivers and enchanting smoky peaks as well as crystal mountain lakes, fishing, Carpathian fir-trees and healthy mountain air.

The hotel is surrounded by mountain scenery including forests which supply travelers with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. The most persistent ones can also find mushrooms. Fishing lovers won’t be disappointed either because the hotel organizes trout fishing trips on request. The fish that was personally caught and baked on a grill always tastes better than at any restaurant.

The spa resort "Fantasia" provides summer travelers with:

  • bike rental;
  • playground;
  • playroom;
  • badminton;
  • table tennis;
  • sauna;
  • hydro-massage swimming pool;
  • picnic area;
  • berry and mushroom picking;
  • variety of tours.


During your stay at the hotel you have the opportunity to join several individual and mini-group tourist programs:

  • "Ancient city perched above the Uzh river" is a sightseeing tour which includes visiting top historical and architectural attractions, including "Goryan rotunda" of the 11th century, Uzhgorod castle of the 12-14th century, The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, the Museum of local history, the Cathedral as well as the Monument to Soldiers-liberators on the Ukrainian-Slovakian border, Levitskiy castle of the 12th century and a walk along Korzo street (historic city centre) and Linden Alley which is the longest in Europe.
  • Castle "Palanok" is a sightseeing tour around the city of Mukachevo which includes visiting the major historical and architectural attractions, including castle “Palanok” (17th century), Saint Nicholas Orthodox monastery for women and a walk around the historic city centre.
  • "The mineral springs of Transcarpathia" is a one-day tour, which enables you to get acquainted with the nature of our region, hear interesting legends and taste the mineral water produced by the most famous Transcarpathian springs "Luzhanska", "Polyana Kupel" and "Polyana Kvasova".
  • "Roses of Transcarpathia" – if you are not familiar with the history and culture of winemaking, a visit to the tasting room "the Rock" will be interesting and useful for you. After tasting the best sorts of Transcarpathian wines, you’ll be able to purchase the wines that you’ve enjoyed.
  • "Transcarpathian feast" – Transcarpathian cuisine has been influenced by the geographical position as well as the food customs of diverse nationalities inhabiting this region. It includes Hungarian kettle-goulash, Romanian tokana (shepherd’s stew), Slovak knedlo, Jewish cholent, German meat prepared in the Swabian way. You can try all these things sitting in the "Transcarpathian feast" and enjoying the national music.
  • "Iza" – Transcarpathia is well-known for its craftsmen, embroidery, woodworking, weaving with leaves of corn and vines. If you go to the village of Iza which is the center of vine weaving in our region, you will be able to see and buy unique wickerwork.
  • "Cheese dairy" – if you don’t know how to "boil", mould and store cheese, we offer you to visit a real cheese dairy where you can see the whole process of cheese making with your own eyes, taste and buy it.
  • "Thermal springs" – is an open swimming pool in the city of Beregovo which contains sodium-chloride high thermal water. Its surface temperature is 35–40 degrees Celsius. This water is widely used for improving and treating the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system as well as skin diseases. Bathing in the thermal waters of the pool in Beregovo will bring positive energy into your life and enhance your health.
  • "Trout fishing". You have a wonderful opportunity to fish trout which inhabits Transcarpathian rivers. You can have it roasted on the grill in one of the huts in the picnic area and served along with fragrant Transcarpathian wine and baked potatoes on request. Trout fishing gives pleasure both to a fisherman and gourmet. All necessary fishing equipment and gear is readily available.
  • "Budapest". The capital of Hungary is a charming city, divided into two halves (Buda and Pest) by the fastest European river Danube. "Paris on the Danube" – this is what locals call this city as well as guests who are impressed by this similarity from the very first minute they arrive here. There are splendid openwork bridges, hilly Buda, bustling Pest and the Danube, divided the Hungarian capital and Hungary into two parts. The contemporary city which grew out of Aquincum is now called Buda (located on the banks of the Danube, the Romans founded the city of Aquincum, which means "abundant water", because its land teems with more than 120 warm and hot mineral water springs).

Castles of Transcarpathia:

  • Vinogradovskiy
  • Kvasivskiy
  • Royal
  • Mukachevo
  • Nevitskiy
  • Serednyanskiy
  • Uzhgorod
  • Khust
  • Chinadievo
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