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Infrared sauna

Sauna in the hotel FantasyThe most popular type of sauna is a sauna that uses infrared emitters. The infrared waves give off radiant heat that warms the body instead of the air. Infrared light warms the body by penetrating it to a depth of 4 cm (in the traditional sauna – 5 mm). So the sweating response to this heat is two or three times more intensive. The most major infrared sauna’s benefit is a low-temperature cabin equipped with emitters which are good for whose who have negative side effects to regular sauna bathing.

Infrared waves are very effective at healing skin diseases. The deep heating action stimulates metabolism, slows down the growth of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and contributes to the activity of healthy body parts and organs. When you perspire, your body eliminates harmful substances that have been accumulated in it for years. Due to the effect of infrared waves on the sweat glands, the process of excreting toxins and cleansing the skin becomes more intense. When you sit in a sauna, the surface temperature of your body rises to 38°C for short periods of time. It leads to suppressing the activity of pathogenic microbes as well as losing weight (you can rid yourself of 800 kcal for one sauna).

Another infrared sauna’s health benefit is that it effectively deals with excess weight and cellulite, especially if used along with anti-cellulite massage. The deep penetrating heat of the infrared sauna is much more helpful in fighting cellulite than a traditional Russian steam bath or Finnish-style sauna.

Finnish sauna

Sauna in the hotel FantasyFinnish sauna is a dry heat sauna. It has become popular world-wild because of its healing heat. The temperature of the air in the sauna can reach 140° C. Thanks to the dry air even such an oppressive heat won’t discomfort you. Sauna has been known for its prevention and healing benefits and is widely used by the people. Many scientific studies that have been held in recent decades prove the advisability of using saunas in the treatment of many diseases. In fact, saunas equipped with an electric stove are much better at controlling the heat than the huge furnace of the Russian steam bath. Major factors that impact the human body in Finnish sauna are as follows:

  • First, high temperature of the air around you.
  • Second, the possibility to quickly alternate between hot and cold temperatures.
  • And third, relative humidity of the sauna.

Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on the human body, particularly on heat transfer, blood circulation, the function of the autonomic and central nervous system as well as cardiovascular system. It also stimulates the endocrine glands, which are functionally interconnected and regulate the activities of many systems of the body, accelerates metabolism, and improves the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.