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Акции в отеле Фантазия Акции в отеле Фантазия


Healing baths

Mineral water baths

Therapeutic baths in the hotel FantasyMineral water baths mostly affect the cardiovascular and nervous system, train heart and blood vessels, has a balancing effect on the central nervous system as well as normalizes metabolism and endocrine activity. The heat which is absorbed by the body expands the blood vessels in the surface area of the skin and increases its blood flow to 1.2 times higher than fresh water. The mineral water salts contributes to its therapeutic effect. They cover the surface of the body with a thin layer causing the irritation of the skin receptors during and after a bath spa session (so further water therapeutic treatments are recommended only after an hour later). The ions penetrate the tissue and blood through the intact skin, directly affecting the function of a person’s organs and systems.

Pine baths

Pine baths are good for relaxation, recuperation and recreation. This treatment helps get rid of weariness and improve the mood. In addition, the pine bath results in beautiful, smooth skin. Pine needle-infused baths are recommended for those with cardiovascular diseases and headaches. They reduce excessive nervous system activity. Besides, pine baths improve the blood flow to the internal organs and even relieve muscle spasms, so they are most effective at reducing pains as well as treating bronchitis and rhinitis. Pine baths are also recommended to treat gastritis, gastric ulcer, etc.

Pearl baths

Therapeutic baths in the hotel FantasyIn medicine pearl baths are also called oxygen baths. You are mistaken in thinking they contain natural or artificial pearls. Pearl baths owe their name to large air bubbles, sparkling like pearls. The air itself along with the temperature and mechanical stimuli plays a big role in how the pearl baths work, consisting of physical, mechanical and chemical effects. Two substances have a physical effect on the skin: water-air. When bubbles settle on the skin they irritate its peripheral receptors and then perform a specific tactile stimulation, alternately settling on the skin and evaporating from its surface.

Therapeutic baths in the hotel FantasyPearl baths are indicated for patients with functional disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolic disorders. They also help those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and experience stressful situations.

Besides, regular pearl bathing can help to normalize blood pressure, stimulate blood circulation, and improve tissue elasticity and joint mobility. It also relieves muscle tension and helps to ease back pain as well as normalizes sleep and decreases the symptoms of stress.

The duration of a single session is 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment consisting of a series of 12-15 sessions daily or every other day is usually recommended.