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General information

The spa hotel “Fantasia” is located in the area of the Carpathians in the village of "Polyana", on the territory of the spa "Sunny Transcarpathia". Vacationers will appreciate the healing power of fresh air and our mild climate while the beauty of a natural landscape will let them put their chores aside. The main attraction of this picturesque area is a spring that produces mineral water "Polyana Kvasova". Drinking this water improves gastro-intestinal tract functioning and contributes to normal metabolic activity. Friendly staff members help in creating enjoyable home-like atmosphere while a range of spa treatments relax the mind and the body.

The spa hotel “Fantasia” is a luxury five-storey hotel which consists of:

  • comfortable spacious rooms of different classification;

  • spa-centerwhich provides a course of treatment;

  • restaurant, serving Ukrainian and European cuisine;

  • conference center, for holding conferences, business meetings, formal presentations;

  • hydro-massage swimming pool, consisting of a large and deep pool for adults and small and shallow one for children;

  • gym to maintain your shape;

  • billiard room, for having a good time with your friends;

  • table tennis, in the backyard;

  • playroom, in which you can leave your children in case of urgent matters or any time you need;

  • summerhouses, by a mountain stream;

  • BBQ grills, for cooking food yourself;

  • playground, for outdoor activities for your kids;

  • parking, lot which guarantees the safety of your vehicle;

  • free WI-FI, Internet access;

  • mineral water pump-room “Polyana Kvasova”.

No pets allowed.

For more information:
Tel./Fax: (03133) 3-55-13, 3-55-14;
Mob. (067) 405-96-81; (095) 660-55-55.

E-mail: fantasia_zak@ukr.net

Conference center

Holding remote conferences, master classes, seminars and talks strengthens company ties and brings positive results. However, such events always give a lot of trouble to the organizers. The hotel staff is ready to minimize your efforts and take on all responsibility.

A comfortable conference center which contains 45 seats provides necessary professional equipment and is air conditioned. We can assist you in giving stand-up meals and banquets, in providing accommodation and transfers as well as in arranging tours and corporate company events. You will enjoy amazing Carpathian surroundings and local culture as well as the service of our professional and qualified staff members.

The hotel "Fantasia" is the best place to stay for both vacation and business.


  • transfer;
  • hotel accommodation;
  • conference room rental;
  • equipment hire for conferences;
  • excursions;
  • catering.

Billiard room

Perhaps giving pleasure both to billiards masters and to beginners is one of the main objective of this game. You can play a game of billiards choosing to spend time either in silent concentration or enjoying your friends’ company at the party.

It depends on your spirits and preferences. The hotel "Fantasia" provides the ideal conditions so that you could fully enjoy a game of pool.


If doing regular physical activity is your lifestyle, there is no need to change your habits when staying at our hotel either for vacation or business needs. The hotel complex "Fantasia" is equipped with a comfortable, spacious and fully stocked gym where you can keep maintaining your body shape.

The most precious equipment item of the gym is an Evminov board. This is an orthopedic simulator device, which is a wooden panel equipped with mobile handles at two different levels. Training it in accordance with the Evmirov method helps much in self-healing spinal structures and is used both for therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Swimming pool

The hotel and recreation complex "Fantasia" is the right place for those who can't imagine their vacation without daily access to the swimming pool. Inside the hotel there is a 12-meter Jacuzzi pool and the 0.9 m deep children's pool that enables our guests to enjoy swimming and exercising in water at any time of day and any weather.



The hotel “Fantasia” is the best place to stay for your vacation!

2017-03-05   Гоголь Светлана
Сейчас находимся в данном отеле. (с 3 по 13 марта 2017) Описать словами весь восторг просто невозможно. Это надо увидеть и прочувствовать. Начиная от расположения, дизайна интерьера, графика работы SPA центра и, конечно же отношения к своей работе всего персонала... Все настолько великолепно, что остается ощущение, что ты здесь самый важный гость и тебе очень здесь рады! Поверьте, мы с мужем отдыхали в разных отелях, есть с чем сравнивать. Спасибо огромное хочется сказать и хозяину этого райского уголка и в отдельности каждому работнику! Более детально, для тех кто собирается в Поляну и колеблется с выбором отеля, напишу еще на форуме. Но мы с мужем в "Фантазию" обязательно еще приедем! :-)

2017-02-24   Курченко
Відпочивали с друзями на прикінці січня 2017.Відпочивали вже в друге. Хочемо подякувати персоналу за привітне ставлення до відпочиваючих! Відмінний отель!! Заслуговує на увагу камплекс СПА. Кухня в загалі не перевершена! Всім бажаємо гарного настрою, який в нас залишився до наступного відпочинку тільки в ФАНТАЗІЯ!! Дякуєм, так тримати!

2017-02-19   Щаровская Анна
Отдыхали в феврале в этом супер отеле. Огромное спасибо за доставленный отдых для души и тела. Очень добродушный персонал, обслуживание на высоком уровне, вкусная еда, хороший СПА.

2017-02-05   alisa
Потрясающий отель (мы жили в апартаментах)!!! Шикарный вид, приветливый персонал (респект всем девочкам на ресепшне), вкусная минеральная вода, абсолютная чистота!!! Большое СПАСИБО за чудесный отдых с 25 по 29 января 2017 года!!!

2017-02-03   Олег
Всё отлично,единственный минус это то, что в ресторане орут грудные дети,спокойно не покупаешь, а персонал замечаний не делает!

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